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Computer Hardware Engineering School for Computer Hardware Training

Description: Computer Hardware engineering is a growing field, and job prospects are high. Starting salaries are generally higher for Computer Hardware Engineering School graduates who go into this field. This is an area where education is important-both at an entry level and on an on-going basis.

Role: Computer Hardware engineers are involved in the design, development, and testing of computer hardware devices such as chips, circuits, modems, printers, etc. These professionals are often involved in the manufacture and installation of hardware as well.

Training: A bachelor's degree in Computer Hardware Engineering is a necessity for a career in this field. An engineering technology degree is highly valued. In some cases, obtaining an engineering license or certification may be required. Ongoing education is also very important, as the technology is constantly changing. Computer Hardware Engineers have similar training to Electronics/Electrical Engineers but choose to focus on computers.

Many of the schools reviewed on this site provide career preparation for Computer Hardware Engineers, but we have found that the Computer Engineering Schools listed below offer the most comprehensive training in Computer Hardware Engineering Technology. Select a school for Computer Hardware Training, request information, and get started today!

Schools to consider: