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Vermont Technical Schools

Technical career opportunities are plentiful in technical electronics and computer technology industries and maintenance technologies, as well as accounting, office, and new media technologies. Technical school graduates work as science technicians, pharmacy technicians, veterinary medical technicians and paramedics, engineering technicians, sound engineering technicians, and more.
A technical degree can prepare students for the career fields listed here, as well as careers in business. Most technical schools offer a wide variety of degree options, so finding a technical school to match your chosen field should be easy. The trick is to find an accredited technical school with a high placement rate. Fortunately, several Vermont technical schools fit the bill.

Vermont technical schools offer certificates, associate degrees, bachelor’s degrees, and advanced degrees in technical related fields. Vermont’s best technical schools include University of Vermont and State Agricultural College (est. 1791), and Vermont Technical College (est. 1866). Overall, the state of Vermont has 6 public and 19 private institutions with more than 35,844 students enrolled. Thousands of students attend Vermont technical schools with more than 1,400 enrolled in the state’s top technical schools alone. According to the latest figures released by the U.S. Census Bureau, undergraduate technical school enrollment is 266,000+ students across the nation.

Schools to consider:

Facts and Figures for Vermont Technical Schools

Average Tuition Costs On-Campus

The average cost for tuition and fees at a public Vermont technical school is $10,401 per academic year. The average cost for tuition and fees at a private Vermont technical school is $25,111 per academic year.

Average Tuition Costs Online

The tuition costs for online Vermont technical schools start at around $250 per credit hour. For graduate school, tuition starts at around $350 per credit hour. Students will pay the same tuition and fees as on-campus programs, but you will save a significant amount of money by eliminating room & board expenses as well as transportation costs. The average room and board costs for public Vermont colleges is $7,845 per academic year.

Noted On-Campus Vermont Technical Schools and Enrollment

University of Vermont and State Agricultural College (avg. enrollment, 12,239 students)
Vermont Technical College (avg. enrollment, 1,400 students)

Noted Online Technical Schools Available in Vermont

University of Vermont and State Agricultural (blended and online formats available)
Vermont Technical College

Accredited Vermont Technical Schools

University of Vermont and State Agricultural
Vermont Technical College

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