Technical Schools in North Carolina (NC)

Home to the oldest state university in the United States, North Carolina takes education very seriously. The southern states have been an integral factor in the nation’s technological advancements and North Carolina has certainly added its share of innovation. Beyond the state’s history and beauty, North Carolina's technical schools and programs are comparable to those anywhere else in the nation.

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Programs to consider:

South University
  • Virginia Beach, VA
Programs available:
North Carolina Technical Schools

Electronics and computer technology, accounting, office and new media technologies, and maintenance technologies—these are just a few of the career fields available to technical school graduates. Technical school graduates may work as science technicians, pharmacy technicians, veterinary medical technicians and paramedics, engineering technicians, sound engineering technicians and more. Most technical schools offer a wide variety of degree options, so finding a technical school to match your chosen field should be easy. The state of North Carolina has a number of technical schools to fit all backgrounds.

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